Custom Jewelry Lake Oswego Oregon

Custom Designs

Dyke Vandenburgh Jewelers provides world class custom jewelry design services, and throughout his showroom, he proudly displays his extensive selection of one of a kind design originals.

Detailed Process

Designing jewelry requires a vision. During the initial design consultation, Dyke and his staff of experienced jewelers, will help you create a tailor made piece to fit your own personal tastes. The custom process begins with dialog. Ascertaining what each clients desires and ideas are, is one of the most important aspects of custom design. By discussing and refining your ideal design style with Dyke and his staff, it will allow your dreams to be transformed into a reality.

Through the years, Dyke built an extensive portfolio which has become an invaluable tool for his staff, as well as clients. Looking through the photos of his previously commissioned one of a kind pieces, helps with design ideas and inspiration. Once your ideas are defined, Dyke will then create an exact dimensional rendering or sketch, for your approval.

From there, Dyke begins following the time honored process of carving the wax model. Upon completion of the wax model of your piece, Dyke will have you return to his showroom so you can view the exact representation of your design. Once you have approved the wax model, it is then ready for lost wax casting in the metal or metals of your choice. Once your piece has been cast and is in its rough state, it then goes through the finishing process. In more complex pieces, it is often necessary to use the fabrication method of constructing or finishing your piece, and the assembly of design parts is required. Finally the finishing process begins. Finishing the raw casting, polishing, and setting the gemstones you have selected, start to bring your piece of wearable art to life.

The most exciting part of the custom process is when, Dyke and his staff deliver to you, your one of a kind, handcrafted, custom piece. You will have an overwhelming sense of pride and joy when you see your creation brought to life for the first time, and know that with a little help from the professionals at Dyke Vandenburgh Jewelers, your dreams have become a reality.